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Why Environmentally Responsible Companies Choose Our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing 

In today’s world, a lot of decisions we make affect the environment, shaping the future for generations to come. This isn’t just a concern for individuals; it’s now a significant factor for companies across Australia and New Zealand and often plays a part in the decisions they make. 


The problem is some sustainable fencing solutions could compromise on aesthetics and durability. So how to make sure your fencing matches the criteria of being eco-friendly along with the finest quality. 


At Stock & Noble, we are conscious of our environmental responsibility, and this is reflected in our choice of products as well as packaging. Our paint buckets are recyclable and so is our Premium steel post and rail fencing, called Buckley. We understand the importance of the growing commitment of companies towards being environmentally friendly while choosing products that also look beautiful and stand the test of time. 


In this blog, we will explore the shift towards a greener world, why is it important for equine and other companies today and why our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing is proving to be their preferred choice. 


You will understand the benefits to choose eco-friendly solutions in the current corporate climate without compromising on other critical factors required to achieve safe and beautiful fencing. 


Importance of Sustainability in the Equine Industry 

The Green Wave: Our Experience with the Shift  

Why are companies, not just people, getting serious about being eco-friendly? It’s not just about looking good; it’s about showing they care about the planet. It’s about perception and responsibility towards a cause that connects people on a larger level. 

For example, we recently were specifically engaged by a big equine hospital as a client, and one of the main reasons was our commitment to being environmentally friendly.  

In all, choosing sustainable solutions is a way for companies to show they’re responsible and care about more than just making money. Especially in the world of large equine properties, fencing isn’t just a practical thing; it’s a means to project what a company stands for.  

In our experience, over the last few years large equine facilities as well as other corporations looking for the perfect fencing have kept sustainability as one of the topmost criteria for their decision-making process.  


Reasons why Sustainability is Critical for Equine corporations 



1. Corporate Responsibility: 

Commercial facilities recognise the importance of corporate responsibility in today’s environmentally conscious climate. Opting for sustainable fencing reflects a commitment to reducing the facility’s environmental impact and aligning business practices with ethical and ecological standards. 


2. Positive Public Image: 

As public awareness of environmental issues grows, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining a positive public image. Choosing sustainable post and rail fencing allows commercial facilities to showcase their commitment to environmental stewardship, potentially enhancing their reputation among clients, partners, and the community. 


3. Regulatory Compliance:  

Governments and regulatory bodies are placing greater emphasis on sustainability and environmental practices. Commercial facilities, by choosing sustainable fencing, ensure compliance with current and future regulations, avoiding potential legal issues and demonstrating a proactive approach to environmental responsibility. 


4. Long-Term Cost Savings: 

While sustainable fencing materials may have a higher initial cost, commercial facilities often recognise the long-term economic benefits. Sustainable options, such as recycled materials, are durable and require less maintenance over time, leading to cost savings in repairs and replacements. 


5. Market Demand: 

The Australian industry is evolving, and there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly practices. Commercial facilities, attuned to market trends, understand that meeting this demand can attract a broader clientele, including environmentally conscious horse owners, trainers, and event organisers. 


6. Employee Morale: 

Sustainability initiatives can positively impact employee morale and satisfaction. Staff members are increasingly interested in working for companies that prioritize environmental responsibility. Choosing sustainable equine fencing reflects a commitment to values that resonate with employees, fostering a positive workplace culture. 


 7. Effective Marketing Tool:  

Sustainability can be a unique selling proposition. Riding schools, equine hospitals and other equine facilities that embrace sustainable fencing can differentiate themselves from competitors. 

For example, being able to advertise eco-friendly practices can be a powerful marketing tool for a riding school. Riders and their families may be more inclined to choose a school that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, enhancing the school’s reputation and attracting environmentally conscious clients. 


Why Premium Steel Post & Rail Fencing is the Preferred Choice by Eco-friendly Companies 


1. Environmentally Friendly Steel Fencing from Start to Finish

Our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing (Buckley)is crafted from recycled steel and, importantly, is 100% recyclable. Unlike some materials, steel’s standout feature is its ability to be recycled or reused at the end of its life. This makes it a responsible and eco-friendly choice, for the well-being of our planet. 

While rust can be a concern with Steel fencing, it’s crucial to note that rusting is a natural process and poses no harm to the environment. 


 2. The Only Steel Post and Rail Fencing made from 100% Recycled Steel

The Buckley Post and Rail are crafted entirely from recycled materials, and there are no harmful chemicals used during or after production. This approach not only helps save energy and natural resources but also reduces CO2 emissions and pollution when compared to making steel from scratch. 

Unlike the option of Cattle rail which is usually made from virgin steel, Buckley is the only post and rail fencing in Australia and New Zealand made of 100% recycled steel. 


 3. Paint-Free Sustainability – No VOCs

Choosing Buckley means choosing a fencing solution that comes pre-powdered, eliminating the need for oil-based paints. Powder coating doesn’t contain solvents and is applied in solid form. This brings an added advantage – no worries about Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. With Premium Steel Post and Rail Fence, you get durability without the environmental concerns associated with traditional painting methods. 


4. Easy and Eco-friendly Maintenance

Backed by a 15-year warranty, maintaining our Premium Steel Post and Rail continues the eco-friendly theme. The VOC-free coating prevents pollution, eliminating the need for painting or welding, thereby alleviating concerns about harmful fumes.  


5. No Compromise on Quality and Aesthetics

This is perhaps the biggest reason why our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is being chosen by commercial equine facilities. It provides the finest looks, superior durability, and high safety along with sustainability.  

Some may wonder if using recycled steel compromises quality, safety or durability. The answer is a resounding no. This concern is right because often recycled products aren’t able to match the performance of a virgin-grade solution. For instance, our black recycled posts might not be as tough as the virgin-grade PVC posts and be more inclined to bend under the sun. 

However, our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing is the only engineered post and rail fencing system in the world, designed specifically for horses. Preferred by lifestyle and high-end equine properties across the globe for its stunning design, and high standard of horse safety Buckley fencing continues to look beautiful for generations. It’s an ideal fencing for properties where long-lasting beauty and horse safety are of the utmost importance. 

It’ll be worth finding out the reasons that make Buckley one of the most expensive post and rail fencing solutions available in Australia and New Zealand


Are You Ready to Ride the Green Wave Without Any Compromises? 

Sustainability isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s a powerful means for companies to project their values and responsibility beyond profit-making. From corporate responsibility to positive public image, regulatory compliance, long-term cost savings, and meeting market demand, the adoption of sustainable equine fencing is a multi-faceted strategy that resonates with stakeholders, customers and the broader community.  


For customers seeking a sustainable fence for their equine hospitals, riding schools and other commercial facilities, Buckley has been the preferred choice. Crafted from recycled steel, 100% recyclable itself, this premium steel fence stands as a responsible and eco-friendly choice for the well-being of our planet. With its drive to maintain the finest quality, aesthetics, and safety, Buckley emerges not just as a promise of sustainability but as a commitment upheld throughout its lifecycle.  


At this stage, learning and evaluating different post and rail fencing options for sustainability will help you make a better decision for your property.  


If you have more questions on the suitability, quality, durability, safety, cost or installation of premium fencing solutions, speak to our fencing experts. They will guide you every step of the way and help create a safe, beautiful and eco-friendly property, to match all your requirements. Without compromises. 

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