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Insider Tips for Getting the Best Price on Horse Fencing in Australia & New Zealand

Whether you’re buying a fence for your forever property or a small paddock the final piece of the puzzle is cost. Once you’ve found the fencing of your choice, budget is the next conversation. 


The problem is how to make sure you’re getting the right value out of your investment. Is it the best price? Is the product really worth it?  


Be it a million-dollar spend or one-hundredth of it, every customer deserves to get the best price for their chosen horse fencing. So, if you too want to review the price of your fencing and want to know some smart ways to maximise your investment while ensuring a durable, long-lasting solution for your equine companions, keep reading. 


At Stock & Noble, we offer premium fencing solutions to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Based on years of experience in answering price-related queries, we’ve realised when customers seek a better price, it usually boils down to seeking to understand the true value. There’s also the common motivation of wanting to save money or keep expenses on a fencing project to a minimum. We understand to secure the best prices for horse fencing materials involves a strategic approach.  


In this blog, we’ll dive into tips and strategies to help you get the best deal on horse fences in Australia and New Zealand. We won’t just look at the price tag, but also encourage you to think about the bigger picture – the broader value offered by the fencing products. By the end, you’ll be equipped with insights that go beyond cost savings, ensuring that your horse fencing project matches your vision and delivers both financial efficiency and lasting quality. 


Start with Your Priorities 

Before diving into the intricacies of pricing, take a moment to reflect on your priorities. What do you truly want to achieve with your horse fencing project? Is it about creating a safe environment for your horses, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, or achieving a balance between both? Clarifying your priorities will provide a roadmap for the decisions you’ll make. 


Starting your journey with how to choose horse fencing in New Zealand might be helpful in getting your priorities in order. You can also consider taking a quiz to gain further clarity. 

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Tip 1: Learn More to Pay Less  

Whether you’re a seasoned planner with every detail mapped out or someone still navigating the sea of information, your approach affects the price you might pay.  

If you’re well-organised and have done your research, you position yourself to have an intelligent conversation with suppliers. Knowing the specifics allows you to engage suppliers more efficiently, possibly unlocking additional perks such as free freight, on-site visits or expert advice. 

On the flip side, if you approach a supplier without all the necessary details, you can become reliant on their expertise, potentially justifying a higher price. The key here is to recognise the value of your preparation and use it to your advantage. So gather as much information as possible on your choice of fencing, do your preparation well and that might help you get the best price on your horse fence. 

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Tip 2: Look Beyond the Initial Price 

When you’re in the market for horse fencing materials, it’s easy to get fixated on the initial price. However, it’s crucial to look beyond that number. Think about the long-term – consider how long the fencing will last and if there are any hidden costs. 

Sure, a cheaper option might catch your eye at first, but what if it needs frequent replacements or comes with additional maintenance costs? Sometimes, the money you save upfront can end up costing you more in the long run. 

Think about availability, too. Waiting for a cheaper product might throw a wrench in your plans and force you to move your horses temporarily. Not ideal, right? And don’t forget ongoing maintenance – if you’re hiring a fencing contractor, factor in those costs. 

Here’s a nugget of wisdom: learn from the experiences of others. Check out the 5 worst fencing projects we’ve ever done. These stories aren’t just tales of woe; they highlight the importance of a supplier committed to seeing a project through, even when things get tough.  

So, look for a supplier who goes beyond the transaction, someone genuinely invested in the success of your fencing project. After all, it’s not just about the initial purchase; it’s about creating a safe and secure space for your horses that looks beautiful for decades. 


Tip 3: Communicate Directly with Suppliers 

Don’t hesitate to initiate a direct conversation with your fencing supplier about pricing. In our opinion, ask as directly as possible, “Is this the best price you can offer?”  

In larger projects, suppliers may be willing to cover the cost of freight or provide additional products or services, even if a direct discount isn’t feasible. Establishing open communication channels can lead to valuable insights and cost-saving opportunities. 


Tip 4: Beware of Unrealistic Discounts 

While everyone loves a good deal, we advise you to approach huge discounts with huge caution.  

If a company offers a price that seems too good to be true, there’s likely a reason behind it. As a reputable supplier, we aim for our customers to receive the best price and value, not just a superficially low cost that might lead to project failure. In our opinion, it’s a good idea to be discerning and prioritise long-term success over immediate savings. 


Tip 5: Early Order Can Get You a Better Deal 

On larger projects, consider placing an early order to secure potential rebates.  

Being a supplier, we understand the pressure of rushed deliveries and higher freight charges that get added to the price of fencing, when it’s ordered last-minute. 

When you plan your fencing well, and order with substantial time in hand, it benefits both you and the supplier. Early order ensures a smooth process that can lead to cost savings and a more seamless project timeline. So, check with your supplier if the size and time of your project is applicable for an early order advantage. 


Tip 6: Check for Marketing Rebates for High-End Projects 

If you are creating a high-end, signature property, you can explore the possibility of marketing rebates. Some suppliers may offer discounts in exchange for future images, videos, or other promotional materials showcasing their products in action.

This mutually beneficial arrangement can contribute to a better price while building a strong supplier-client relationship. 

So, if you’re building a premium equine property, discuss it with our fencing specialists to learn further about this benefit. 


Tip 7: Order More to Save More 

In the world of horse fencing materials, the principle of bulk purchasing often holds true. The more fencing materials you need, the better the pricing you can negotiate.  

Leverage the quantity of your order to secure favourable terms and maximise cost efficiency. However, this might differ from project to project and product to product. 


Tip 8: Stay with Original Products 

When considering fencing materials, especially imported ones, inquire about the product’s history in Australia. Companies that have original products like Horserail often charge higher prices because they understand the unique requirements for their products to withstand the Australian climate.  

Opting for cheaper imitations may result in lower performance due to a lack of in-depth knowledge about the product and local conditions. 


Tip 9: Don’t Forget About Installation Cost 

Now, let’s talk about labour. Whether you’re putting a cheaper fence or a premium one, the time and energy invested is probably going to be the same.  

Also, installation costs are a significant part of the picture, especially when it comes to horse fencing. You wouldn’t want to find yourself shelling out for a poor-quality fence and then having to pay for installation all over again. Think again. You might find a cheaper fence, but is it worth it in the long run? 


Tip 10: Consider the Value of Premium 

When you encounter a reputable company charging higher prices for their fencing products, it’s not just about the number on the tag.  

There’s a reason they’ve set their prices at a premium, and it often comes down to the value and convenience they provide. Quality brands and companies know the worth of their offerings, aiming to deliver both reliability and ease. 

So, it’s the cost of premium being added to your property and your dream.  


Ready to Get the Best Value for Your Horse-Fencing Investment? 

You are looking to buy a horse fence for your dream equine property and wanted to ensure your money goes the extra mile. Now you know some of the insider tips from the horse’s mouth and can effectively use them to negotiate your pricing. 


You’ve also learnt that the horse fencing journey involves more than just selecting the right materials at the cheapest price. It’s a balance of understanding your priorities, considering long-term costs, and building a relationship with a reliable supplier who values your vision. As you look for the best price, remember that the true measure of success is not just saving money. 


Consider it as an investment. How much do you value returning home to a property that aligns with your vision? In conclusion, it’s not about finding the most cost-effective fence; it’s about ensuring the beauty and longevity of your property.  


Sometimes, compromising on quality might seem like a way to cut costs, but the return on investment isn’t just monetary – it’s about the satisfaction of a forever beautiful property that resonates with your vision. 


At this stage, it’ll be worth finding out how much should you spend on your horse fencing based on the value of your property. 


If you have any more questions, want to discuss the finest fencing options based on your budget or simply want to have a detailed discussion on your vision, connect with our fencing experts. They will guide you to choose wisely and help you build a safe and beautiful equine property, you’ll be proud of for generations. 

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