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Learning objectives.

Finding the perfect horse fence for your forever property is a long-drawn process. With a beginning, a middle, an end and thereafter.

You deserve fencing that makes a statement and that you and your family can feel proud of for generations to come.

Learn all about the 7 most popular horse fencing options that are prevalent in Australia. – Timber Post and Rail, Steel Post and Rail, PVC Post and Rail, Flexible Plastic Rail, Electric Braid Fencing, Steel mesh and Plain Steel Wire Mesh

The beginning

How to prepare for fencing you will be proud of forever.

Step 1: Decide what you want from your horse fencing

Step 2: Determine the 3 most important things you want from your fence

Step 3: Explore all your horse fencing options

The middle

Plan the fencing of your forever property

Step 1: Step 1: Calculate a rough meterage

Step 2: Step 2: Plan the gates

Step 3: Get a sketch or CAD design made

Step 4: Choose a horse fencing supplier

Step 5: Plan for the fencing material

Step 6: Take a decision

The end

Watch your dream fence turn into a reality.

Step 1: Order your fencing.

Step 2: Read the checklist for post order

Step 3: Install your fencing fencing options


How to ensure your fencing stays beautiful, forever

Step 1: Maintenance

Step 2: Warranty