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Cost of Buckley Steel Gates - Buying and Installing.  

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Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing by Stock and Noble

Are you considering the finest Steel Post and Rail fencing to build your dream equine property? Then congratulations on a great decision. You might already know the details of our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing System. 

Along with choosing your fencing, an integral part of your design is the gates. Learning how to choose a gate would be the right way to start your search. Once you have learnt everything about Buckley Gates and evaluated all the pros and cons, the next step is to learn if they fit your budget. 


So, while Buckley gates have the advantages of being hinge-less, rust-free, easy to operate, strong and beautiful, we understand there’s a cost attached to their premium quality. 


The problem is while the cost of the gate is easy to know, it’s tough to calculate the entire cost of buying and installing gates for your property. You need to gather the cost of materials, and fixings, speak to fencing contractors for installation costs and also consider additional costs that could impact your overall project. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide high-end properties across Australia and New Zealand with the finest fencing solutions. Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing system is our flagship product, chosen for its proven success globally and high standard of equine safety. We are thorough with all its features, specifications and every aspect related to the cost.  


In this article, we will give you a detailed break up of all the different types of prices involved and help you gain an idea of how much it will cost to own Buckley Steel gates. So, you will have all the information needed to make the right decision for your property and choose gates that match your vision as well as budget. 


Factors affecting the cost of Buckley Steel Gates 

  1. Cost of Preparation 
  2. Cost of Steel Gates 
  3. Cost of EZY Latch 
  4. Cost of Drop Bolt Assembly 
  5. Cost of Automation 
  6. Cost of Installation  


Cost of Steel Gates   

The cost of Buckley Steel Gates varies depending on the size and configuration of the gate. However, they are a cost-effective option for a long-lasting and visually appealing gate.  


Cost of Buckley Steel gates including gate mounting post, gate cap and GST 

Cost of 3 rail 1.2-meter gate: 1456.83

Cost of 3 rail 2.4-meter gate: $2067.56

Cost of 3 rail 3.6-meter gate: $2459.02

Cost of 4 rail 1.2-meter gate: $1572.39

Cost of 4 rail 2.4-meter gate: $2250.91

Cost of 4 rail 3.6-meter gate: $2845.52


Cost of the gate latch  

The EZY Latch is widely considered one of the best latches ever produced and is highly endorsed by horse owners who have installed it on their premises. 

 Cost of gate latch (EZY Latch) including GST: $358.02


Cost of Drop Bolt Assembly  

In case you need a double gate opening with two gates meeting at the centre, it is recommended to consider adding a drop bolt assembly. The drop bolt assembly secures the gate in place. 

Cost of Drop Bolt Assembly Including GST:$468.27


Cost of Preparation

Usually, preparation for installation only involves drilling a hole in the appropriate location to the correct depth. However, in some cases where the gate is situated on a slope, customers may also level the gateway area with some additional fill. 

Cost of preparation: On average $2.50 a meter to pull down the fence 

It largely depends on the project and a Fencing Contractor would be able to give you a customised quote. 


We’ve given this cost for reference to help you while executing your fencing project. However, for most scenarios, there is no ‘cost of preparation’ that relates specifically to the gate. 


Cost of steel gate installation 

A Fencing Contractor will charge you to install a gate, latch and supply concrete for the gate post. 

The approximate Cost of installing a single steel gate: is $264 including GST 


Cost of automating Steel gates

The cost of automation can vary depending on several factors. However, as a broad estimate, for a pair of entry gates, the cost is typically around $9000,  which includes the supply and installation of the automation system. 


Total Cost of Buckley Steel Gates  

For ease of understanding, we will take an example of our highest-selling gate option: 3 Rail 2.4 metres.  


The total cost of buying and installing a 3 Rail, 2.4-metre double gate is: $5441.41


  • Cost of the gate: 2067.56 Plus the cost of the gate latch: $358.02 
  • Plus, the cost of drop bolt assembly: $468.27
  • Plus, the cost of double-gate installation: $480 


The cost of preparation and automation will vary depending on the project. 


Can you calculate the cost of buying and installing Buckley Steel Gates? 

You want to get the finest steel fencing and gates for your dream equine property and wanted to know the final cost. 


In this article, we’ve listed all 6 factors you need to calculate the cost of owning Buckley Steel gates. You can choose from the different dimensions which will be driven by the choice of fencing. For example, if you have 3 Rail Buckley Steel Rails across your property, the 3 Rail Steel gates will be best to give a seamless look to your entire fencing.  


Next, you can add the cost of a single or double gate as needed, the cost of the latch, drop bolt assembly, preparation and installation. This will give you the final cost of installing Buckley Steel Gates and help you evaluate whether it falls within your budget.  


Buckley is the world’s only engineered Steel Post and Rail fencing system, complete with its fixings, posts, rails and gates. It’s known across the world for its premium design and quality and there’s a premium attached to it. It’ll be worth learning how Buckley can increase the ROI of your property. 


Buckley Steel Post and Rail gates are an excellent option for those who want a visually appealing, rust-free, and easy-to-operate gate for their equine property. However, it is important to be aware of the various costs involved in buying and installing these gates.

If you have more questions on the cost, installation, or availability of Buckley Steel Gates book a free personalised consultation. One of our fencing experts will connect with you to answer all your queries and help build a safe and beautiful equine property.  


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