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Marbo Equine Gates: Your Gateway to Safe and Beautiful Fencing 

When it comes to fencing for your horses, the majority want a perfect mix of safety, practicality, and good looks. That’s where Marbo Equine Gates shines. These gates are not just about keeping your horses secure; they look good and are proudly crafted in Australia. 


Key Features of Marbo Equine Gates


Galvanised Finish: 

Marbo Equine Gates are coated with a pre-galvanised finish, for maximum longevity whilst maintaining a good appearance.  Hot Dip Galvanised gates tend to buckle or twist making it difficult to install and swing smoothly. 


Made in Australia: 

These gates are made right here in Australia, reflecting quality craftsmanship and supporting local businesses. 


Strong Yet Light: 

Marbo Equine Gates strikes the right balance between strength and weight. The steel frame is robust yet lightweight, making it easy to handle during installation and daily use. Additionally, the lighter gates don’t put as much pressure on your strainer assemblies reducing the likelihood of sagging gates. 


Raised Ends for Safety: 

Marbo Equine Gates feature raised ends; a thoughtful design element aimed at preventing leg trapping. This safety feature minimises the chance of an injury if the horse rears up and comes down on top of the gate. 


Hinges and Latch Included: 

Practicality is at the core of Marbo Equine Gates. Each gate comes complete with hinges and a latch, simplifying the installation process and guaranteeing secure closure. 


Explore the Marbo Equine Gate Variants

These gates are available in four size options 1.2 metre, 2.4 metre, 3.6 metre and 4 metre. 


Download the Product Brochure for In-Depth Details 

To access complete information and specifications about Equine Gates, simply click on the link below to download our product brochure. 

Marbo Steel Gates -Equine Gates- Download Brochure

Ready to Order Marbo Equine Gates for Your Property? 

Crafted with care in Australia, these gates epitomise the perfect blend of strength, lightweight design, and thoughtful safety features. 


They are innovatively designed gates born from the insights gained from real horse owners and the expertise of fencing professionals. Each gate comes with hinges and a latch, ready to attach to steel end assemblies for a secure installation. Marbo Equine Gates is a choice that will help you build a safe and beautiful equine property. 


If you have more questions, want to check the availability of the product or place your order connect with our fencing experts. 

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