The original Horserail® Fencing System.

Proven, Practical, Premium Horserail

The most trusted Flexible Plastic Rail in the world.

Thanks to its performance over the years, Horserail® has become a generic name for the entire category of flexible plastic rails. But there is only one original trademarked Horserail® .

It’s a premium horse fencing solution that resembles a post and rail fence with strong straight, evenly spaced lines. It also features three high-tensile wires running through the middle for added strength. Creating a beautiful equine property with all the boxes ticked.

Strong, good looking and highly flexible Horserail® is one of the safest fencings for horses. It is a proven solution with over 30 years of success in adverse Australian weather conditions.


Horserail® product range

The Stock & Noble Horserail® fencing collection includes electrifiable rail and wire options, with guaranteed customer satisfaction. View the range below!

Horserail Hottop Plus®

Electric Rail

Horserail Hottop Plus® is a highly flexible electric rail featuring electrifiable top and bottom wires. Constructed from medium-density polyethylene and three high-tensile wires that are molecularly bonded, this fence is incredibly strong, long-lasting and flexible.

Horserail Hotcote®

Electric Plastic Coated Wire

Horserail Hotcote® is a high-tensile wire coated in plastic including a conductive carbon compound, providing a powerful electric shock. It is specifically designed to deliver safe, long-lasting, electrifiable horse fencing.

Product Specifications

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Design Features


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UV Stable

Horserail® is made of durable UV-stabilized non-conductive medium density Polyethylene with three strands of high-tensile wires that are bonded to the rail.

Longest proven product in Australia

Horserail® has a 30-year long warranty on the non-electric version. The electric variants have 10 years of warranty.

Genuine American-made Horserail®

Born, designed and manufactured in America, our Horserail® is the authentic version that comes with a trademark confirming its ingenuity.