Border Line

Simple, effective boundaries

highly visible & minimises horse injury

High quality nylon sighter wire for any property.

Perfectly suited for all ‘sighter wire’ applications. It’s forgiving and flexible, making it horse-safe and a breeze to install. Stock & Noble Border Line™ is a steel-free wire, so it won’t cause lacerations like steel or unforgiving wires. So less vet bills, more money in the wallet and a happier horse.

It has an internal memory, which means if impacted, it will temporarily give way then return to its original tension.

Border Line High quality nylon sighter - Stock and Noble

Border Line product range

Border Line Round

Black & White / 4mm

The classic Border Line choice. Round edges, soft and supple. Perfect for hand installation.

Border Line Star

White / 4mm

The unique ribbed shape means Border Line Star is more rigid with a higher holding capacity

Border Line Glow

Black & White / 4mm

It’s like the rest, but glows in the dark! Designed for horse vision, it’s visible on the darkest of nights.

Border Line Narrow

Black & White / 2.6mm

Thinner and lighter than the rest, but with the same benefits. Great for those tight spots and corners.

Product Specifications

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Design Features


Stock And Noble Divider 2 - Stock and Noble

Highly visible

The perfect ‘sighter wire’ for any property, great or small. Border Line is designed to be seen.

Safe as horses

Border Line is a steel-free wire, so it won’t cause lacerations like steel or unforgiving wires. Less vet bills, more money in your wallet.

Install by hand

This nylon boundary line is soft and pliable, so no special tools needed for straining and installing.

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