Steel Estate Fencing

The Butler Series

Estate Fencing – Where Elegance and Tradition Converge

Original, Classic, and Beautiful Fencing.

A minimalist design that stands out.

Transporting you back through the centuries, these steel post and rail fences by Stock & Noble pay homage to the regal Estates of UK.

Endorsed by royalty, this estate fencing is not your everyday steel post and rail, yet surprisingly, it’s a cost-effective form of “beautiful” to enhance your property’s aesthetics.

Bid farewell to heavy, imposing fences that stifle your property’s ambiance. Breathe life into your design with The Butler Series steel post and rail fencing, a tasteful choice that effortlessly complements any landscape.


Explore The Butler Series

Indulge in Estate Elegance with The Butler Series Steel Post and Rail fencing. Experience the regal charm that will make you feel like royalty, as your property is impeccably cared for and tailored to your exquisite taste.

4 Rail

The Butler Series

5 Rail

The Butler Series


1.2m, 2.4m and 3.6m options

Design Features and Accessories



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100% Australian Steel

Crafted with Australian steel and made with Australian hands, the sole purpose of this steel fencing is to look good.

Enhanced Galvanisation

The Hot Dip Galvanising process ensures this steel post and rail fencing looks good for a long time.


Paint over the galvanised steel with a colour of your choice or order in raw steel and leave to rust naturally.