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3 Fence Planning Questions to Prepare For

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Ready to install a new fence? A well-built fence is an may initially seem an expensive investment, but the appropriate fence will increase the value of your home, save you time and frustration and most importantly create a safe and happy home for your horses. You will have far more confidence in the quality of the work accomplished if you take the time to vet the fence installation.

Whether it’s a security fence installation or to mark property boundaries, Stock & Noble is here to share a quick guide on choosing a fence for your farm if you’re in the market for one. Below are some questions that you need to consider to help you best prepare for a fence system installation.

QUESTION #1: What type of fence (and color) are you most interested in? How many fence rails do you want? ​

A number of things come into play in this situation. The fence system will work best for you depending on the breeds, temperament or personality, discipline, and other factors. If you have a horse that likes to eat grass on the other side of the fence (where the grass is usually greener), you might want to consider a combined fence system that includes some sort of electrification. Stock and Noble is a new generation fencing company that New Zealands are loving.  Beautiful, safe, practical fencing solutions that make decision making much easier.  Check out their fencing solutions here: 

  • Steel Post & Rail Fencing
  • Equine Mesh
  • Legacy Flexible Rail Fence
  • Master Blend Fence Paint
  • Border Line Sighter Wires
  • EquiRope Electric

If you are interested in any fencing range, you can research the product flyers directly from the products tab on the website. 

QUESTION #2: What is Your Budget?

Firstly it is a good idea to have a budget.  Many people don’t know how to go about creating a budget so Stock and Noble have created a planning and estimating tool to get you started.  Additionally, in the fencing game it is all about who you know, not necessarily just what you know.  Stock and Noble have a vast database of trusted fencing contractors that they can put you in touch with to finalise what size investment the fencing installation stage of your project might be. It’s also a good idea to have some room in your budget for unexpected expenses. While things can go wrong, the best solution is to plan well.  Stock and Noble consultants go by the motto that a project well planned is a project half done. 

QUESTION #3: Do You Have A Layout?

Many horse owners install their own fencing projects to save money,  but we strongly advise that you follow each fencing’s installation instructions to ensure that your guarantee is valid. Also, it is essential to consider the layout. A hand-drawn sketch on scratch paper to get a basic idea of your property’s design is the perfect starting point and then companies such as Stock and Noble can take your design to the next step.  Another thing to consider is do you know exactly where your boundaries start and stop.  If you’re upgrading your boundary fences a land surveyor might be required to set your boundaries accurately to avoid building your fence in the neighbours place!

Now Get Started!

Stock & Noble is a new generation leader and  provider of fencing services for horse owners. Their products and services continue to provide unparalleled quality, protection and durability to a community of horse owners that expect nothing less. Call them on 1800 102 233 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment

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